Determining the value of crystal and lead crystal glass

verschiedene Glaeser in einer Holzkiste


Wertvolles kleines Kristallglas mit Rosengravur

Originalglas aus der Oertel Sammlung ca. 1920

What are my crystal glasses worth?

In the past, in addition to linen, china and cutlery, a girl’s trousseau naturally included a set of fine crystal glasses. These were rarely used and are now often inherited. In most cases, these were standard crystal or lead crystal glasses of the time

Unfortunately, only glasses that are more than a hundred years old or that were created by famous glass artists are particularly valuable.

If you are thinking about selling your crystal collection, you should lower your price expectations a little. Drinking glasses and vases from the past 60-70 years are not currently in high demand on the market and there is a large supply of them.

Collectors and enthusiasts are more interested in old handmade pieces – in other words, valuable and rare examples. You probably won’t get much money for pieces from the 1970s, which were very popular at the time. It all depends on what is popular on the market at the time.

The price is determined by the market

Our suggestion: go to a flea market where glasses are for sale. You can get an impression there and look for glasses similar to yours and see the prices.

An antique dealer may be able to help you determine the value and age of your crystal glasses. Auction houses will also estimate the retail value of your glasses.  The estimates usually cost something, so consider whether it is worth it. Find out in advance about the terms and conditions of the auction house in question. It is helpful to know the approximate value of your glasses before you consult an expert to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What should I do with the glasses I have inherited?

The best thing to do is to use them and enjoy the beautiful sight. In the past, the glasses were usually only used on special occasions and were almost exclusively kept in the display cabinet. That was a great pity.

Maybe the grandchildren will be interested in them, or nice neighbours, then give the glasses as a gift to people who will enjoy them.

Remember, preserving and using beautiful old things instead of always buying new ones is also good for the environment!

Yours sincerely,

Petra M. Schütte