The objets d’art of the Balloon series light up stunningly, with or without candlelight. The precious opal glass conjures up shades of brilliance, whether in lava, pistachio, azure lagoon, toffee or flamingo. Balloon enchants every setting with an impressive abundance of colour, as well as extraordinary light effects. In the house, on the balcony, on a roof-garden, Balloon always creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Balloon lanterns have an incredible visual effect, a phenomenon in which the shimmering crystal colour and the luminous glow of the candle play magnificently together. The crystal glass dishes artfully hidden in the interior, can accommodate large stable candles which when lit, allow the light to break through the coloured crystal glass walls. Thus, our craftsmen hand-blow and hand-cut each lantern. Through the deep-cut entrenched circles the candlelight shines with intense colour to create a magical effect.

Material:mouthblown double layer crystal
Workmanship:mouthblown and handcut
Colours:lava, lagune, azur, pistachio, flamingo and toffee
Available items:lantern, candleholder/vase, cylindrical vase, bowl