City & Sea

A thousand lights gather on the horizon, revealing the skyline of a dazzling metropolis.

It was this life-inspired sensation that inspired the Shanghai series. Modern urban accessories like Shanghai are ideal for holding branches and suchlike;  also designed to be stand-alone objects, their caramel colours unfold and the lagoon shimmers. Natural hues like these allow you to mix & match both colours.

The Shanghai series is hand-blown and hand-painted with gold. The precise, hand-drwan lines demand excellent brushwork by a specialised glass painter. Just as a skyline is composed of many individual lights, so the numerous gold lines unfold to offer their true beauty.

Available in OertelCrystal online store as narrow- and as wide-vase, each in a small or large version. Also available as a matching shell.

Material:coloured crystal glass
Processing:hand-blown, hand-painted lines of real gold
Height:10cm dish, narrow vase 20cm & 25cm, wide vase 10cm & 14cm
Other:an excellent holder for twigs and branches