Hand painting

OERTEL’s bright and magnificent painting is created by lovingly hand-painting precious enamel with fine brush strokes. Enamel is fine glass dust mixed with precious natural oils and mixed to a paste, and it is delicately painted on in several layers, fired each time at around 500°C and resulting in a smooth and colourful surface.

OERTEL is one of the few companies using pure gold for its ornamentation. The gold is applied with lavender and clove-oil onto the crystal. After firing, the painted pieces may be set with semi-precious stones such as agate or bloodstone and polished to a high gloss.

You can find this virtuoso technique in our “Serail“, “Aurora“, “Amelie” and “Stella” collection.

Refinement with delicate painting

Fine brushes made of real hair

Precise Painting

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