Joh. Oertel & Co. Fine Crystal since 1869

Handmade in Bohemia


Whether for everyday use or for special occasions, our collection of OertelCrystal handcut and handpainted drinking glasses in fine crystal and lead-crystal guarantees timeless enjoyment.


Take home a piece of luxury and give your rooms that exclusive flair, with unique handmade objects by OertelCrystal in the finest coloured crystal glass.

Vase Pure 26cm toffee Oertel Kristallglas

Be inspired by Oertel’s unique crystal works of art, for exclusive gift ideas made of oertelcrystal. Handcut luxury of fine Oertel crystal and leadcrystal glass for special occasions and special people.

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Discover OertelCrystal masterpieces in our online shop. Handmade crystal table ware and alluring interior decoration with Bolemian origin.

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Discover our new limited edition vases. Every piece is a testimonial for our craftsmanship. Now online available.

Making of

Each OertelCrystal glass has its own story. From the glowing hot melt to the unique masterpiece-  find out more!


Dare to use your crystal glass, the care is easier than you imagine! We show you the important things.


Are you looking for an individual masterpiece, designed and manufactured according to your very own wish? We are happy to develop a creation for you, in your own personal style, or we engrave your family coat-of-arms on fine crystal tableware.

Since the charter in the year 1869 in Haida/ Bohemia by Johannes Christian Oertel the company  Joh. Oertel & Co. has been a manufakturer of crystal glass in extraordinary design and quality. OertelCrystal is the brand for the direct online-marketing in the e-shop.

Oertelglass is worldwide renowned as manufakturer of finest crystal glass and extraordinary decorative crystal objects. The design of OertelCrystal gains worldwide recognition since more than a century.

Joh.Oertel & Co. is a family business since 1869


Glass can be recycled again and again, even our crystal glass contain some recyceled glass and still becomes beautifully sparkling new glass, jugs and glass vases. Our traditional way of glass production is sustainable and uses as few resources as possible. Our crystal glasses, carafes & jugs are partially made of recycled glass, but carefully blown and handmade. Good crystal glasses aren’t disposable products and for this reason also a step towards more sustainability in your life.