Oertel today

Market niche for masterful crafts and unique crystal

By the end of the 20th century it had become increasingly difficult to maintain the site in Welzheim and at the same time new possibilities were presented by the opening of the eastern borders. The decision was made to return to the company’s roots. Production was transferred back to the cradle of glass art, to North Bohemia in today’s Czech Republic. The return to the old home proved to be an excellent decision. In northern Bohemia significantly more potential emerged for the development of experienced professionals able to realize the exceptional traditional and ornate designs of OERTEL.

The Middle- and Far-Eastern markets were thrilled by the elaborately designed and custom made pieces. The hand-painted fancy decoration, the masterful cut and engravings, the ornaments of pure gold and the precious crystal quickly found great favour in the Arabian Gulf states.

Well-known luxury brands and interior designers use the art and hand-skills of OERTEL for the creation of precious handcrafted crystal products for their collections and their demanding customers’ design. Clients have included Christian Dior, Theo Fabergé and Alberto Pinto. For the Foreign Office in Berlin Oertel made state gifts, and the State Chancellery of Baden- Württemberg made presentations of crystal glasses by OERTEL.

For nearly 150 years OERTEL has combined traditional and masterly craftsmanship with timeless elegance and exquisite luxury; and the family-owned business supplies its customers worldwide with objects of refined and exclusive taste.

Since 1869, the handmade pieces of OERTEL express not only exceptional timeless beauty, but also the embodiment of tradition, fine tableware and stylish ambience.

Each crystal piece by OERTEL is characterized by quality, exceptional craftsmanship and a near-150-year family tradition.

OERTEL represents not only glass but stands also as the epitome of unique creations from the finest crystal.

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