The magic of 1001 nights …  It is the decades of OERTEL’s supply to the royal houses of the East with rich crystal wares, which inspire Seraglio: this most noble of crystal glass evokes the magic and mystical allure of the Orient.

Each piece in this set of elegant glassware impresses, with its hand-applied decorative detail in real gold and precious enamel. Several hours of skilled craftsmanship are needed to create each one. A gilded decorative pattern set from the glass edge, adorns the border.

The unique manuscript of OERTEL’s artistry in glass, connected with a love of luxury and magnificent decor, inspire this elegant set: a combination of clear design, hand-painted oriental ornamentation and hand-crafted precision.

This presentation of a dream of 1001 nights in sparkling crystal, glowing gorgeous enamel colours and graceful gold, consists of two sizes of noble wine goblets, a graceful champagne glass and an exceptional aperitif- or digestif- glass.

Chracteristic:rich oriental design
Special feature:Enamel colours and genuine gold