Form and function combined- crystal glass design by OertelCrystal

Kristallvase von OertelCrystal mit Goldraendern

Welcome to our latest blog post, in which we explore the stunning marriage of form and function in crystal glass design by OertelCrystal. Today we would like to highlight one shape in particular that not only serves as a vase, but can also be used as a tea light holder or candle holder. Let’s dive into the world of OertelCrystal crystal artwork and discover how design and function are harmoniously combined in this remarkable shape.

The focus is on design and function

The focus on functionality: at OertelCrystal, the idea that design and function should go hand in hand is paramount. This principle is embodied in the versatile shape, which at first glance appears to be plain, but upon closer inspection reveals its functional properties. By combining aesthetics with practicality, OertelCrystal creates a unique experience for those who own these beautiful crystal pieces.

Versatility is the trump card

A masterpiece of versatility, the “Aurora” and “Balloon” sphere vases from OertelCrystal stand out for their versatility of use. Whether you use them as a vase to showcase fresh flowers or as a tea light holder or candlestick to create a romantic atmosphere, this versatile work of art accomplishes any task with elegance and sophistication. The clear, precise design of the crystal highlights the beauty of the flowers while magically reflecting the warm, flickering light of a burning candle.


High quality craftsmanship

Each OertelCrystal piece is the result of masterful craftsmanship. Our artisans place great emphasis on selecting high-quality crystal and use their expertise to transform it into fascinating shapes. Careful shaping and cutting and painting give the vase a flawless finish and impressive luster. This pursuit of perfection is a hallmark of OertelCrystal and makes each of our pieces a unique work of art.


Successful aesthetics

OertelCrystal’s vase is not only an aesthetic work of art, but also a practical and versatile object. The design here follows the function, and the meticulous craftsmanship adds a touch of elegance to the piece. By harmoniously balancing aesthetics and functionality, we proudly present you with a form that is not only beautiful, but can also serve multiple purposes. If you are looking for a unique and versatile crystal piece, then you should definitely explore OertelCrystal’s creations.

Our Mission

OertelCrystal remains committed to creating more innovative creations through the interplay of design and function. The vase, which can serve as a vase object as well as a tea light holder or candle holder, is just one example of OertelCrystal’s boundless creativity and pursuit of excellence.