While sanding or barrelling, the crystal glass is processed under running water; each sanding wheel has an individual profile. In this manner decorative edges, the ‘olive-cut’ and the ‘wedge-cut’ – specific, bespoke wheels are employed with painstaking accuracy to achieve a brilliant effect.

Differing facets lend each piece its special look – light rays are refracted a thousand times over in the precious crystal, to provide the beautiful shimmer and sparkle exemplified in our “Karlgarden” and “Rosegarden” collections.

It is masterful craftsmanship that the polisher conjures up, to achieve filigree ornamentation and complex patterns in the fine crystal. This requires immense patience, sensitivity and precision.

Admire this virtuoso craftsmanship also in our “Amelie” and “Stella” collection.

Diamond cutting wheel

Cutting wheel and abrasive forming the glass surface

Natural stone wheels

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