Karlgarden is a ‘must’ for lovers of classic and stylish tableware. Karlgarden’s high-quality exclusive crystal glasses combine luxury lead-crystal with timeless design, and offer everything to be desired in sophisticated pleasure. It is the crystal of the aristocracy, which never went out of fashion.

Karlgarden is mouth-blown in fine lead crystal and finished with the finest craftsmanship, with simple cut corners. Inspired by the pure clear beauty of flawless diamonds, faceted panels light up with a thousand rays and sparkle like gemstones. The intricate, hand-crafted design of the wide octagonal base contrasts with clear-cut sides, as OERTEL demonstrates unique and sophisticated design. A geometric outline and architectural contours make this suite a classic in beauty.

Karlgarden is cool, minimalist, stylish and refined. Timeless luxury – like a diamond…

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Material:Lead crystal glass
Workmanship:Mouthblown, handcut
Feature:Classic shape, brilliant hand- cut, octagonal base