How does handle and spout get on the glass jug?

We have some glass jugs and carafes with handles and spouts in our range. You may have noticed that the handles and spouts of the carafes and glass jugs are not always quite identical, because like almost all of our glasses, these glass jugs and glass carafes are mouth-blown, the top rim and the spout are […]

Glaskrug und Gläser aus optischem Glas

Optical glass – what’s that?

Glass lovers will occasionally stumble over the term “optical glass” or “optically blown glass.”  Admittedly, the term is misleading and ambiguous, because optically pure glass, e.g. for lenses or eyeglass lenses, is also referred to as optically pure glass.  In traditional glass factories, the term is known as a special type of finishing and refining […]

How overlay glass is made

Have you ever wondered with what the glasses are colored? Our glasses from the series Quadrone and Quadro are made of real overlay glass and mouth blown. The molten glass must be mixed with metal oxides for this purpose. Red glass is colored with gold, amber glass with silver, blue with cobalt, green with iron […]


Colortrend green

Green is in, did you know that the green color of crystal glass is tinted with iron oxide? In former times the sand which was used for the glass melt very often contained iron oxide naturally. The glasses made from this sand had a green color and is nowadays called “Waldglass” meaning forest glass. We […]