Kristallglas mit Garvur


Since 1869, remarkable drinking-glass suites have been not only the hallmarks of OERTEL but also an indispensable part of the banquet facilities for international celebrities and royalty. Experience a new definition of table settings and let yourself be enchanted by the OERTEL collection. Discover handblown glasses of fine crystal glass , processed with virtuoso craftsmanship, making each table arrangement  glamorous.

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High quality crystal, the utmost care and attention to detail and perfect craftsmanship since 1869 represent the philosophy of OERTEL. With OERTEL‘s interior collection you also experience Oertel’s timeless designs, custom patterns and unique colour creations . Express you individual styles and perfect your rooms with exceptional, elegant home accessories made of the finest crystal.

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Limited Editions

These are our most exclusive pieces, testifying to creativity hand-in-hand with traditional craftsmanship. They demonstrate the unique savoir-faire of our almost-150-year-old crystal factory, whose products have found their way into museums around the world.

These exceptional and precious masterpieces are distinguished by their rarity, and highly prized by the small circle of glass aficionados.

Limited editions of 50 or 25 pieces, signed, numbered and bearing the OertelCrystal Vignette

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“The value of a gift equals the love with which it is chosen.” (Thyde Monnier)

Gift-giving is more than an expression of appreciation; it is also an expression of one’s personality. Discover the extraordinary and noble gifts of OERTE,L and for that special occasion choose an artistic and handcrafted gift in OERTEL fine crystal.

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Ever since 1869 OERTEL has been meeting the requirements of customers who seek bespoke designs in drink-ware and decorative accessories.

Our crystal glasses are created and decorated just as they were nearly 150 years ago: by hand. This enables us to meet the highest specification, be it for imposing vases to decorate the lobby of an oriental palace, crystal glasses with individual coat of arms or monograms, or accessories for a yacht.

We have worked alongside the world’s greatest interior designers, who recognise our ability to work even in small quantities as we create our wonderful crystal items. This is all thanks to the great skill of our craftsmen and to an inexhaustible treasury of designs from our near-150-year company history.

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