Elegant classics − Opal Glass Vases Pure by OertelCrystal


Pure opal glass vases are simple, pure. Nothing distracts the eye from shape and color. The graceful elegant silhouettes of the vases are accentuated by small 21 carat gold bands. The crystal vases are made of the finest mouth blown opal glass or black coloured glass. The special quality of the crystal glass used is reflected in the brilliant colour scheme: bright azure blue, soft pistachio green, noble black, pure opal and delicate toffee. The simple shapes make the vases timeless design classics.

The large vase is about 40cm high and is suitable as a floor vase, the low shape (height 26cm) is perfect for lush bouquets. For smaller bouquets the size 18cm is suitable. But even without flowers, Pure vases do look great. The production of opal glass vases of this size presupposes the great experience of the Bohemian glassmakers who work for Joh. Oertel & Co. Crystal glass work. For individual gifts, all vases of the Pure series can also be refined with a noble hand-painted monogram in 21 carat gold. The classics are available in the OertelCrystal e-shop from a price of 74 euros. The delivery time is about 1 week, for orders with monogram about 3 weeks.

“Developing a good, classic shape takes much more time than designing a decor”, says Petra M. Schütte , owner and designer of OertelCrystal. “Shapes have to be considered very carefully, corrections are made again and again until the pieces correspond exactly to my ideas. Only if the shape is right the decors can be developed in line with style.

The opal glass vases of the Pure series are also available with individual 21 carat gold monogram

In addition to the exclusive design objects of the Pure series, the online store also offers other creations made of high-quality, handmade crystal glass in a noble design.

Today, as almost 150 years ago, the traditional manufacturer Joh. Oertel & Co. Crystal Glass for unique creations made of the finest crystal glass, timeless elegance and exquisite luxury, crafted in masterful craftsmanship. The range of services of the family business, founded in 1869, includes handmade crystal drinking glasses, interior objects, gifts and individual creations. The quality range is available in the OertelCrystal e-shop. In addition, OertelCrystal also produces individual pieces and special orders for interior designers, decorators and glass lovers all over the world. OertelCrystal is also known as a supplier of the highest quality palace furnishings for crowned heads all over the world. The company is headquartered in Welzheim near Stuttgart. Today, the crystal glasses are produced again in the Czech Republic, where the company was founded.

Crystal glasses by Joh. Oertel & Co. meet the highest standards of design and quality and can be found in museums all over the world.

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