We love colours and coloured crystal glass

Nothing glows more beautifully in the sun than colored glass. On a laid table, coloured glasses conjure up wonderful accents that radiate a good mood. Especially in winter, when nature still appears in shades of gray, the beautiful colors do our soul good, try it!

Glas mit Limonade

Trinkglas Ininitive

For glasses for water and soft drinks: It is allowed what you like!

On a table with simple wine glasses, coloured glasses for water or soft drinks look particularly good. Particularly beautiful: coloured glasses with interesting decor, these are conversation pieces. Set colour accents with coloured glasses.

Tumblers on a table OertelCrystal

colourful set “Maria”

Wine and champagne glasses are most beautiful in clear crystal glass, because the connoisseur also wants to see the color of the noble wine. But the combination with coloured water glasses makes the laid table interesting.

With many coloured glasses, the colour is simply sprayed on. Not at OertelCrystal. Our glass is already coloured in the melt, just as coloured glass has been produced for centuries. That’s why this colour cannot be rubbed off, our glass is completely coloured. You can read about the glass colors in our blog post.

Combine the delicate colours of our Maria glasses with light porcelain and delicate floral arrangements. The coloured mugs from the series “Maria” make you happy every day!

Whiskeytumbler Quadrone Leadcrystal

Whiskytumbler Quadrone by OertelCrystal

Or you can opt for the gemstone colours of our Quadro/Quadrone series, which are hand-blown and hand-ground from real overhead glass.

These techniques of glass production have evolved over hundreds of years. Our crystal glasses are produced in the traditional way in Bohemia, the cradle of glass art. We are happy and proud to be able to offer these outstanding pieces of artisanal glass production in our factory.

Joh. Oertel & Co. Kristallglas

Petra Schütte

Petra Maria Schütte

Designerin Petra Maria Schütte